Fusion Restaurant Revisited


We decided to re-visit the Fusion Restaurant as it’s not really fair to judge a restaurant on one visit as there can be many contributing factors when things go wrong on the night and some of these can be out of control of the owners.

We chose Saturday night for our return visit as we heard they do Steak Night for Two with a free bottle of Wine and as I am a lover of a good steak this had to be the night for us.

IMG_3321We walked over to Amarilla Golf which isn’t far from our complex on the Golf; it was a pleasant evening for a walk, although the street lights seem to have a mind of there own here, as we walk under them the odd one turns off? You would think they would turn on so you could see were you were going?

When we arrived at the restaurant it was full so we do recommend that you book first, especially if you have come on holiday for a few weeks and you are visiting a restaurant with a Special Offer or they have a Themed Night, it just seems to be the norm here as the Golf is so busy. We understand that there are nights that you just want to wander out and see where you end up, although while we were waiting for our table a family that just walked in before us who did not book had to search elsewhere.

Fortunately, we had booked and we were welcomed, taken to our table and presented with the Menu although we had already made our choice so continued to order the Saturday Night Steak Special Meal, we didn’t do starters. This is a personal choice as we tend to either go with a starter and main meal or a main meal and dessert and tonight, was going to be a dessert evening.Magic Trick

Before the meals arrived we enjoyed a table to table magic act that was very impressive and the hand was certainly quicker than the eye especially with the Walnut and the Pea trick which I goggled when returning home to see how he did it. I know I shouldn’t….but couldn’t resist although the magic was then gone forever.

IMG_3727The bottle of wine arrived followed shortly by the main meal and the steaks were cooked perfectly, they were large succulent, tender and accompanying the steaks were skewered mushrooms and tomatoes with battered onion rings which by the way were delicious, we also ordered a side IMG_3731dish of Canarian potatoes each.

For dessert Karen had Strawberries and Cream and I couldn’t resist the Sticky Toffee Pudding which is one of my favourites and neither of them lasted long.

We really enjoyed our evening meal so compliments to the chef.

IMG_3738We had another visit from the illusionist who showed us a few more card tricks and Carole was on stage singing songs from the sixties but it wasn’t long before there was an interesting twist. The Karaoke screen behind her burst in to life and Carole announced she would ask each table in turn to request a song from the sixties and Carole would attempt to deliver and to be honest she did a pretty good job even from a couple who requested, Mr Blue Sky by ELO, sorry Carole, not quite 60´s but you did good……Thank you for a great evening!

All in all a very enjoyable evening at the Fusion Restaurant which is now back on our list of places to eat out.

Just to mention, there is a monthly FREE GUIDE leaflet, which you can pick up from most businesses around the Golf and most restaurants are on Facebook too so if you don’t want to be disappointed it maybe best to book when going out for a meal.