Tenerife Power Cut in Valle san Lorenzo Reminder



Endesa and the Ayuntimiento will be commencing with a series of power cuts in Valle San Lorenzo  to take place tomorrow 26/04/2016, the power will be turned off between the hours of 1pm and 6.30pm in the evening.

This is a gentle reminder.

Streets affected are:

  • C/ La Solana
  • CR/ General TF-66
  • CR/ General Guaza a Valle San Lorenzo
  • CJ/ Cabo del Balo
  • C/ Cruz del Guanche
  • C/ El Tanque (Los Toscales)
  • C/ Elvira
  • C/ Era del Balo
  • C/ Las Flores
  • CR/ General TF 822
  • CR/ General TF-28
  • CR/ General -822
  • CR/ General Valle San Lorenzo – La Florida
  • CR/ General Valle San Lorenzo – La Camella
  • C/ Hornija, C/ Hornito
  • C/ Isla de La Palma
  • C/ Las Lajas, C/ Lampazo
  • C/ Panadería
  • C/ Panadería – Cruz del Guanche
  • C/ Rafael Adrián, UR Rosas
  • C/ Rosas del Guanche
  • UR/ Rosas del Guanche
  • C/ Sagarsa – Cruz del Guanche
  • C/ Sagarsa
We hope this helps you during these power cuts.