Perseid Meteor Shower Outburst

meteor shower


The Perseid Meteor shower outburst is almost here, predicted for august 11-12 2016, if the prediction is correct there should be approximately double the amount of meteors visible which could take the rate up to 200 per hour at the outbursts peak.


The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most spectacular of the many meteor showers of the year and starts in early August, this year the meteor shower should reach its climax with the outburst on 11-12 August.


The showers are generally most visible after midnight and strengthening toward the dawn although visibility can depend on the brightness of the moon and the clarity of the skies.


The Perseid meteor shower gets its name from where it appears to originate from in space, called the radiant in the constellation Perseus and the debris which we see falling to earth at130,000mph from the shower is called the Perseid cloud which follows the path of the comet Swift–Tuttle who’s orbit passes earth, the comet takes 133 years to complete one orbit.


I look forward to a trip to the top of Teide and have my fingers crossed for a good show and hope the prediction of the outburst are correct but unfortunately nature can be unpredictable,