A Number of Reasons to eat Out at Bistro 27


Bistro 27 is a quaint little restaurant, close to the San Miguel Marina in Golf del Sur, an area that is on the up and that is continuing to grow in popularity.

This is one place that you really have to book as you can’t be guaranteed a seat if you don’t, we have been disappointed on more than one occasion as we couldn’t manage to get seated, so booking a table is a must to enjoy an evening out at Bistro 27.

IMG_3744[1]As we walked over to Bistro 27 we noticed the special offer of a 3 Course Meal for €9.95 which looked great value and very appetising, which also made a change for me from having Chicken and Chips with Chicken Gravy, which is usually my first choice and do you blame me at €5.50. There are various dishes and prices to choose from, from their Menu, the Lamb Chops, Adeje Chicken and Chicken Kiev are but a few dishes that we can recommend.  

BeerWe were passed the menu although the special wasn’t included so remember to ask if this is your choice, which we did and also ordered two pints. This is one of the few places that Karen drinks a pints as it does make financial sense as its €1.00 per pint & I think it’s the same price for a half so after a few pints Karen is usually quite happy, especially by the end of the night.

We ordered our food and as it was being prepared we were entertained by a guy playing guitar and singing which we really enjoyed and I have to admit I was feeling a little jealous of his guitar playing ability as I am learning myself……slowly

Our starter´s arrived, we both went for the same, Prawn Cocktail which looked rather nice and was different from the ones I had eaten previously as it also included diced crab sticks and peach, which I found quite pleasing to the palate. 


For the main meal, we chose the Sirloin Steak which was succulent. We do like our steaks and we found with these,


there was no exception as they didn’t disappoint, served with chips and salad…..Perfect!


For Dessert we had a crêpe each with ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce, the taste was sublime, a super end to a very nice 3 Course Meal for only €9.95 each.

IMG_3796[1]You really can’t go wrong at the Bistro 27.

1. Very reasonably priced food and drinks which are great value.

2. Fantastic Tenerife Holiday family atmosphere that makes you feel very welcome.

3. Entertainment most nights with live music.

4. Pancakes are a must, trust me you won´t be disappointed.

All this for less than €30 for two, give them a try, all the returning customers can´t be wrong.