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Anyone who has used advertising in the past knows the impact it can have on a business. However, advertising can be expensive and may not provide you with the result you were hoping for if placing an advert in a printed publication or distribution leaflets.

Since the launch of the Internet and the popularity of it, the impact of advertising in printed publications such as magazines and newspapers has reduced.

One of the reasons behind that is down to the fact that online advertising can be much cheaper and provides less risk to reward ratio.

The majority of people who read a magazine or newspaper may not actually be looking for products or services at that precise moment, whereas with, internet advertising it is more targeted and you will generally find that people are finding adverts that relate directly to the search that they are performing or the content of the site that they are visiting.

This gives a more targeted approach to reaching the right people with your campaign/s and that is why more marketing professionals advise their clients to use online advertising to increase exposure and sales for their business.


So, why should you advertise your business online and why should you advertise with Tenerife Life Magazine


Advertise with Tenerife Life Magazine for a Direct Link to your Customer Base

  • We work with you to provide you with an affordable advertising solution for your business.
  • Affordable prices. You can advertise your business from 5 Euros monthly for our basic Advert
  • When you advertise a full page Advert with Tenerife Life Magazine, you have the option of updating as many times as you like. This page can be used for updating your opening times, making people aware of new offers you have available, or maybe you have an entertainment venue and want people to know about a new event. No matter what news you have to share, you can use your advertising page to keep people informed.
  • By advertising with our Tenerife Magazine, you can increase your SEO campaign by having a link from our site.
  • Be found in Search Engines. With our full page advert, which is optimized for your business, people will find you much easier on Google.
  • Global reach. Your advert will not just be seen by people living or visiting Tenerife. As we have a worldwide audience, your advert will be seen by people all over the world. That means, people who are thinking of taking a holiday in Tenerife will visit our magazine and see your advert.
  • Quick changes. We can change your advert when you need it changing.
  • Facebook advertising. We have over 2,000 followers on Facebook in a space of a month of setting up our official page. As a valued customer, we will promote your advert on our Facebook page and any news you have to share.
  • Editorial advert. For customers who advertise with our online Tenerife Magazine, we can provide an editorial advert. This means we will write about your business and put it online for everyone to see, gaining you increased exposure.
  • Share your news. If you have news to share, then we want to know about it. As a customer, we are more than happy to write an article about any news you have to share and publish it on our online Tenerife Magazine, giving you even more exposure.
  • We go above and beyond for our customers to make their online advertising and marketing campaign a success.


So what will I receive if I advertise with Tenerife Life Magazine

Tenerife Life 9

  • A full page advert
  • To have the advert changed as many times as you wish
  • We will promote your business through our official Facebook page
  • Our team will share any news you may have in our magazine
  • We will write you a press release about your business and distribute it, gaining you worldwide exposure.
Advertising can be from as little as 5€ per month

We would be delighted to come and talk to you about how this new, innovative and affordable approach to advertising and PR could help your business reach large numbers of your target audience.


Arrange a meeting or discussion without obligation by contacting Chris Bracken either by email

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