Buy Your Euro’s For Tenerife Holidays Now

At the present moment, the pound is very strong, and that means holidaymakers visiting Tenerife are getting more for their money. However, things can change, and that is why we are recommending buying your Euro’s now.


When holidaymakers visit Tenerife, thanks to the Euro they are getting more for their money. That means, they can go shopping and buy more goodies, they can eat out for less and day trips will cost less. But this is not going to continue forever. At some point, the Euro rate will change.

Another positive thing about the great Euro rate is holidays are now much cheaper. Instead of booking direct with a travel agent, by booking direct with a hotel in Tenerife and paying in Euro’s, holidaymakers can save even more money.

So, if you have not got any Euro’s as of yet and you are visiting Tenerife for a summer holiday, then get yourself down to your local holiday money exchange and start buying some now.