Coconut Oil and Seven Concerns to Watch Out for…

Coconut Oil

Does coconut oil need a warning of its own? We have read and been informed throughout the media sources and in our beauty products as to the benefits of coconut oil. It has hit the beauty sector like a tropical storm from a weight loss cure, to replace toothpaste, aid Alzheimer’s and so the list goes on.

Although, there are positives and negatives in all we do, it seems that moderation is always the key or changing how we use it. Coconut oil does have many properties to offer you but there are unhealthy facts that you will not have seen in most articles, we are going to look at seven of these.

1. Weight Loss Cure

It seems that the calorie count can be more harmful to the body then first reported within the diet circles. Mayo Clinic report there have been a few “small studies” that look closer at the actual effectiveness of using coconut oil (which is high in calories and saturated fat) to shed pounds. This could also mean there haven’t been many studies proving weight loss effectiveness.

It seems that the Calorie count can be more harmful to the body then first thought within the diet circles. The clinic (backed by health professionals) says that while it’s true that use of coconut oil can actually trim an inch or two off your waist, “It doesn’t lead to significant weight loss or improved body mass index”. In fact, that the high calorie count can do the opposite: trigger your body to store additional fat, adds the source.

2. Using Coconut oil as a Toothpaste

It seems that some people have applied a new technique called “Oil Pulling,” by using coconut oil as an alterative to toothpaste for cleaning their teeth due to reports that coconut oil kills bacteria and doesn’t contain Fluoride however American Dental Association reports there is a lack of evidence (at least of as 2014) to support these benefits and that this is not recommended even as a supplement to standard oral care—namely brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste.

3. Facial Benefits

Many of us have been informed that coconut oil is a great product for a youthful skin, to help fight acne and cleanse Coconut Oil 1the face along with your general skin care routine. However, it seems that the results are not consistent for all; The Epoch Times reported an article titled “Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil on My Face”.

The Times also explains it is warm and dry oil, which means any skin condition related to inflammation like acne for example – Could be made worse through using coconut oil. It is a large molecular structure which means it’s not easily absorbed in the pores and it could lead to clogging therefore making the benefits for the face worse than first thought.

4.. Hair Treatment

The wonderers of coconut oil for the hair and the scalp by using it in our diet or directly on your scalp and hair by increasing the health of our hair which in turn can help hair growth although it seems that Health-Line report is giving the short answer, No it doesn’t.

5. Sunbathing, getting a Golden Tan

The website advises not to ditch your UV-blocking sunscreen in favour of coconut oil rubs. Sun creams have UV blocking screen and protection with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF), articles and Medical experts are warning people to use a factor 30 or higher.
These days due to skin cancer related conditions that are on the increase it seems that coconut oil has a SPF of only 7, which is well below the guided medical experts recommend.

6. Gallbladder Symptoms

Coconut oil has been reported in previous media articles for example one by Dr. Axe ( that it supposedly helps to reduce symptoms of gallbladder disease and pancreatitis disease. However, warns that the fatty acids can lead to painful gallstones and reinforces that coconut oil is a fat. If you insist on using coconut oil in your diet the sources says has it is still unknown how much fat a gallbladder can handle it would be prudent to limit the intake.

7. Thyroid Gland

This brings us onto the seventh concern that Coconut oil can benefit or cure a lazy thyroid, known medically as hypothyroidism. However, Mayo Clinic has found no evidence to support it cures a lazy thyroid.

Therefore, to conclude on a few of the points above i.e. Facial, Teeth, Gallbladder and the Thyroid Gland, should coconut oil have a warning all of its own to inform us how we use this product correctly so we do not lose the correct benefits from coconut oil or add future problems to our body. We also need to be aware on the rest of the point that coconut oil can build up its fat content and thus making the effects travel through the body causing weight gain, if it is not used in moderation.