Concerns Over Palma Volcano Activity

Mount Cumbre Vieja

Due to more and more volcanic activity that seems to be occurring throughout the world with in the last year potential volcano eruptions have happened in Iceland, Italy and Baltic Island, therefore volcanologist’s are worried if it could happened in the Canary Islands, sooner then they first thought.

“The experts have been asked to monitor activity on the islands, which saw 400 tremors in 15 hours over the weekend” according to The Express.

On the South of Palma, the Volcano known as Cumbre Vieja which means Old Summit had erupted back in 1949 and 1971 and scientists are worried that it may be possible that an eruption could occur from an earthquake and this in turn would lead to a possible tsunami.


In turn, all this concern has brought the Canary Island scientists together, to observe the Cumbre Vieja volcanic activity by using geochemical monitoring programme this is being done daily on the volcano and samples are being taken and tested.

Plus, National Geographic Institute (IGN) scientists have set up a 24 hour monitoring to test the activity around the volcano.

Within the Local newspaper the, Canarian Weekly, reported in the Atlantic Ocean, South of Tenerife island, they had experienced a magnitude 4 earthquake on the Richter scale from the National Geographic Institute (ICN) at 6.38am on Tuesday 10th October.

So, therefore collectively it seems that all eyes and seismology devices are on site to monitor any outcome that can alert any activity of the Canary Volcano’s, which we hope, allows a better night sleep for the occupants of all on the Canary Islands.