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Fred Olsen Cruises

Like most things, it all starts when you listen to others who have experienced a cruise, while they start to re-live their times with you at holiday or home.

It seems that more and more of us are going on cruises around the world and it is on the up for many families, couples, and explorers alike who want to travel to other countries and islands in luxury, its not just for the older end of the market anymore, however it was thought that you needed to be a pensioner before the cruising goal was a achievable financially and where your time holds no boundaries.

This is no longer the case and there are various ways to experience a cruise, anywhere in the world. Like most individual holiday breaks you choose, you want your objectives to be catered for, so if you are looking for a relaxing, excellent cuisine with or without children on-board then you have to compare the trips to suit your needs, the price is always important but the cruise you choose should hopefully meet all your expectations.

Nevertheless there are a vast amount of routes that are available to everyone, from a package cruise which includes the pre and or post Hotel stays if applicable, the Cruise and Flights or a Cruise Only from your nearest destination whether this is in the UK or in the country that you are holidaying in. You could always arrange a few days mini break before or after the cruise or ask the cruise operator to arrange this for you.

The internet and local newspapers advertise short and long cruise breaks many at great prices.

As you can see when you start to explore the many offers, there are many companies to choose from, ships and tour operators that do have different levels of expertise but again this can be done at a reasonable price and give you a good insight into cruising and help you build on the whole cruising experience, it may tempt some of you to experience the open seas were you can discover and be introduced to spectacular places, islands and sights around the world….


“Go on Treat Yourself”

By Karen Ames


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