How Do I Get Electricity Supplied To My Property

How do I get Electricity Connected?


Usually if you buy a property over in Tenerife the electric connection has been done by the conveyers although you need to ensure that the electric supply has been authenticated, so to check there are no debts outstanding or owing. If not, you would be responsible for the outstanding debt/s that have been incurred previously, so it’s a good idea to make sure when buying your property that all the necessary checks have been carried out by a professional or solicitor.


When renting you do not usually change the utility services in to your own personal name, you either have an arrangement with the company managing the property or the owner, to pay the bill when it comes. Often the electric, is included in the rent at an agreed limit. However if you go over the agreed amount the balance would need to be paid, this is often explained in the tenancy agreement.


When the electric is not connected you will have to register a new contract with the supplier of your choice. You can either go in person to the company’s office or arrange via telephone but to do so remember the language barrier so you may want to use an interpreter. The other option is to register online if this facility is unavailable. To do this you will need identification, address details and it would be helpful if you had an old bill with the reference number in the top left hand corner under (Contrato de Suministro No). If you go to the offices you can take these details with you.


The main electric supplier in Tenerife is Grupo Endesa although there are other smaller companies Iberdrola, Union Fenosa and Hidrocantábrico. The electric supply is mainly 220 volts 50 htz although some older properties still run on 110 volts but the authorities are actively encouraging people to change to 220 volts.


Power cuts are less frequent now in Tenerife as the infrastructure has been much improved over the years. Although when we receive heavy downpours of rain the grid can become de-stabilized and power cuts can occur. It would be a good idea to fit a surge protector with a battery backup to protect your computer, this will give you time to turn off your system correctly without data loss or damage.


If you live in the more remote areas of the island you will probably need a generator to supply your electric needs which are available at any large hardware stores. If you can balance this with solar power you would have a good cost affective power supply. I have also seen small wind turbines in rural areas where there are limited utilities, so there are options even if you don’t have a supply in your area.


It is a good idea when buying a property in Tenerife to get the wiring checked out as in the UK the older properties can have sub standard electrics. Over the years you can never be sure if work has been carried out correctly and by whom, so contact your local qualified electrician and have your wiring inspected, if all is satisfactory you should receive a certificate to say so, called (boletín) and if not he can give you a price to carry out the work, its then up to you whether you are happy or you need more estimates.