How Do I Get My Telephone Connected

Connecting a Telephone in Tenerife


Getting a telephone connected was a relatively simple process for me.

First you will have to decide whom you want your line with. I first contacted Direct Telecom an English speaking company, who I was recommended to by a friend. I contacted them by phone then went to their office in Adeje (about 15 minutes drive from me, in Golf Del Sur) for more information and to find out the procedure for connection.


As I was driving through Adeje I noticed another telephone company called Movistar, so I popped in to the office for a price but unfortunately there was nobody there that could speak English but they gave me a couple of brochures and in broken English directed me to the office in Los Abrigos where there is a girl who speaks perfect English, called Dominique.


After a short chat, I decided to go with Movistar mainly because it was cheaper than telecom direct. It was also closer to Golf Del Sur in the next village, so simple to get to and I didn’t have to do everything by phone. So far so good, the problem was, to install a line you need a Tenerife contact number, Proof of I.D. and Bank details, so off I went to find a friend with a Tenerife mobile. I needed my passport; I was also asked for my N.I.E this is the Identification number for Foreigners, which are your all-purpose ID and Tax number in Tenerife/Spain if you have one.


So armed with all my new information, I go back but unfortunately I had not taken into account the Siesta time, they were closed. Therefore I had no choice but to check the opening and closing times, on the door and returned later.


Movistar Office in Los Abrigos (During Week Days)


Open: 9:30 – 13:30


Close: 13.30 – 16:30


Open: 16:30 – 20:00


Therefore, here I am with all the documentation I needed and a very simple process it was, within ten minutes all the paperwork was done to supply broadband and a telephone line. I took out a 12 month contract; the cost came to about €36 per month with a free router. All I had to do now was wait for Telefonica, who are part of O2 in Tenerife, to call me back; this process takes up to 10 Working Days. Telefonica called to install the line and although the caller did speak Spanish we were able to understand the language because he confirmed our address and name, he then advised he is on his way, I can’t remember what he said but I roughly understood and said yes.


About an hour later the engineer turned up, he asked where the line was and I had my laptop set up ready, so he could connect and after about ten minutes I was connected.


The only problem I have had was with a payment that was missed by the bank and in Tenerife they just turn you off. I contacted Movistar shop at Los Abrigos, to make a payment but remember this is Tenerife; nothing is ever that simple because I had to go to the post office to make payment. The nearest office to me was is Las Galletas, so the next day I called at the post office to make my payment while I was there I stopped for a coffee and croissants on the way back and when I arrived home the line was on.


Don’t expect the broadband to work as it does in the UK, its a little hit and miss as the speed varies and from time to time and occasionally it is lost completely.


All part of living in Tenerife, Mañana as the locals say!