Health Properties of Aloe Vera


Aloe VeraIt is not a surprise to the local people of Tenerife that Aloe Vera has wonderful properties and is a fantastic plant from which many products have evolved. These products have many qualities that help benefit your health and protect your body or help treat its needs. Aloe Vera is part of the lily and onion family and can look great in any garden although it does tend to grow in warm climates, like cacti which thrive in the warm and dry conditions of Tenerife.

Aloe Vera has six natural antiseptics which are able to help aid with the removal of viruses, bacteria, fungi and even mould from the body. Scientists are also researching the plants properties to enable them to aid the fight against Cancer and AIDS.

It has been documented for centuries that the Egyptians described Aloe Vera as “Plant of Immortality” due to its health properties, so its no wonder that even today people can still benefit from Aloe Vera and its many uses.

Here is a list of the claimed benefits that Aloe Vera can help to aid the body, it soothes the skin, protects, treats and even helps to heal the body with bruising, rashes, eczema. This plant can also aid the repair of scarring and stretch marks. It cools, soothes stings, bites or itching and can also relieve  Athletes’ foot and keep your feet soft and supple.

In brief there is no getting away from Aloe Vera´s well known benefit to the skin, eyes and ears, hair, teeth, feet and digestion system as a detoxifier. (N.B. Orally it should not be taken in its raw state)

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