New Hiking Route Recreates Astronomers Path to the Stars

Stars above Teide

A new hiking route that recreates the path that Charles Piazzi Smyth forged back in the 19th Century has been opened to the public above Granadilla in the Las Vegas area and makes its way to the top of Guajara Mountain on Teide.


Piazzi SmythAt the age of twenty six and in the year of 1845 Charles Piazzi Smyth was given the honour of becoming Astronomer Royal of Scotland at Edinburgh Observatory and professor of Astronomy at the university of Edinburgh but became increasingly frustrated as the skies above Edinburgh were not ideal for star gazing.


In 1856 Charles Piazzi Smyth and his wife spent their honeymoon gathering data and making Astronomical observations while trekking in the Canaries to find what were the benefits of positioning an observatory at altitude.


The trip was funded by the Admiralty with the help of the engineer Robert Stephenson and his Yacht the Titania.


Charles Piazzi Smyth is said to have pioneered the way forward when it comes to positioning astronomy telescopes at altitude all over the world. After the impressive results he brought back from Teide, Tenerife.


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By Chris Bracken