Quiz Night at the Rendezvous Bar & Bistro


Its Friday Night and we feel like going out for a bite to eat but we don’t really feel like going too far, luckily we have the Rendezvous Restaurant, which we do use on special occasions and the Rendezvous Bar & Bistro which is where we go for more informal evenings. Although, they are both on our doorstep, so on with a bit of lippy but she made me remove it immediately and we were off to the Bistro.

Rendezvous Bistro ViewThis is a great place to go for an odd pint, meet friends and enjoy their fantastic menu. The Bistro looks over the International Bowling Green and on many occasions the bowlers can be seen finishing their match has the sun goes down, while the flood lights, light up the green. 

I was really looking forward to our meals, as there is one thing you can count on, the Rendezvous Restaurant, Bar and Bistro does offers great quality food and good customer service.

IMG_3699I decided on the Steak and Ale Pie which I really enjoyed, with its succulent pieces of lean steak and the wife decided on Scampi, Chips and Salad which I can also recommend, as I stole one or two off her plate and have the fork scars to prove it.

We decided against a dessert for two reasons, one, it kept the price down although, it is a very reasonable place to eat and we all have to watch the pennies when living amongst the temptation of so many places to eat and drink and the second reason, we do have to watch our waistlines!!

IMG_3704After finishing our meals the Friday night quiz  began, we were asked to participate but not wanting to embarrass ourselves, with a low score of 3, we decided to just listen and conduct our own private quiz and to be honest we did pretty well, better then we thought?

Bill who compared the quiz was very entertaining as he read out the questions with an odd quip thrown in for good measure and the evening flew by with the help of a pint or three (Hick ,hick…..)

Next time we may even do the quiz for real, if we are feeling brave….