We all know that life is never really smooth and mistakes, regrets and heartache can play a big part in our daily lives. However, if we are healthy, happy and hardworking we can also, reap the rewards of our success in our later lives too but it seems we can’t leave it too late as the things we have not done can become regrets in our later years.   

I have to say that none of us get it right all of the time between now and our later years, there are other factors we need to take into account, like finances, work, family and other commitments. It seems that when we reach our older years there are numerous regrets, which we could have.

When we are older we can suffer from many regrets and here are 10 that I feel are the most reflected upon, after reading many life stories from older people.


1. Travelling

Although, there is a vast amount of people within the older population taking holidays, it seems that many of them wished that they had done it earlier in life as when you get older your ability to walk around can become more difficult and tiring and if you develop a disability this in turn becomes harder on the pocket.

Travel Insurance can be a lot more expensive too and this can results in you not being able to fully appreciate your holiday experience. Your body could have reached its own limits due to your age and it seems some end up cancelling the idea of a holiday the older they get and believe they should have done more when they were younger.

2. Languages

Learning another language, it seems that there are lots of people that wish they had learned to speak another language by going for lessons with a tutor or by using self teaching tools over a longer period of time.              

3. Sun Protection

Maybe there’s a lesson here for us all, to learn.

Some skin disorders can occur as we get older but are no threat to our health although it seems that using more sun protection to protect your skin from harmful effects that the suns UV rays, can help reduce our concerns later in life from developing. Just protecting ourselves a little better from the sun and so reducing the chance of developing wrinkles, blemishes, skin marks and helping to protect your skin from cancer is a lesson we should all heed.

4. Marriages/Relationships

To stay in an unhealthy marriage or relationship for many years when you are aware that the relationship is not working can cause deep concerns later in your life.

We can not say that this is an easy regret for people to do something about but nevertheless it was one of the major concerns of the older age group and I feel they wished they had done something earlier before it was too late.

5. Not Having a Go at New Things          

It seems that not trying new things, in older age, can come down to the fear of the unknown so positive thinking could be a plus here with this one. It does seem that this is another area when getting older; people really found that they wished they had the courage to have a go.

6. Bands/Groups and Musicians

Another big regret is not booking and attending their favourite concerts, not seeing their favourite Band or Musicians. Something that most said they would do later and found that it never happened.

7. Teeth

Neglecting and not caring for their teeth on a daily basis as well as not going for regular dental check ups.  

8. Working Too Much

Now this regret is one that we can all have different thoughts on as we are growing older and some wish to stay in work for as long as they can as others what to opt out earlier then the Government Age Retirement Guidance allows. In both cases, it seems that it was too long for them and wished they had done it sooner by 15 to 5 years of their retirement age but due to a lack of income or the structure their job gave them, they continued.

9. Not Finishing What They Started

I know it’s like an old saying but leaving things unfinished which could become another regret as you grow older, it seems if you can it is always better for you to complete what you started. As all the unfinished projects can materialize later in life when you are less able to complete them so not seeing things through to the end is another huge regret, to think about.

10. Worrying Too Much

If only I had not spent as much time worrying about things instead of doing something about them.

In general this is just a guide but it may outline a quick thought process to act before you find yourself saying the same things yourself. As a result, using another saying “Life’s Too Short” we should deal with regrets long before our later years happen and we should work on these with a clear, happier outlook in life. It seems that these regrets are informing us about some things we haven’t experienced yet or taken in to account but these points all seem like common sense to us all but it seems we do not really action them. So here’s to action and forward thinking….   


By Karen Ames