Six Reasons why you should Clean Up after your Dog

dog cleanin poo

There is no excuse for not cleaning up dog mess and most responsible dog owners do their duty and clean up after their dogs. Unfortunately there is a minority who will avoid collecting their dogs mess unless they feel that they are being watched and then they will grudgingly pick it up. There are others that arrogantly refuse.

I am sure we have all been in the position where we have stood in dog mess and then have to go through the process of trying to remove it from our shoes, not a pleasant experience I am sure you will agree, and all because of the laziness of a minority of dog owners. In this article I will give six important reasons why you should always clean up after your dog even if it is in your own garden.


Its simply not fair that other people should have to go through the unpleasantness of standing in and cleaning mess of their shoes or trailing it in your property or even worse someone else’s, then it has to be cleaned up. This could all be avoided if all dog owners take responsibility for their own dogs output. The people who continue to ignore that their dogs fowling will give a bad name to all dog owners due to their laziness and most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets.


I am sure that in time there will be a system in place here in Tenerife where people that let their dogs foul will be fined, this system works in the UK and many other countries where the fine can be from £100 to £1000 and acts as a deterrent.


There is not only the smell, which is extremely unpleasant but dog faeces’ are full of bacteria and diseases including parvovirus, salmonella, cryptosporidium. These diseases can be fatal and at the very least would make people and dogs very ill. Worms can also be a real problem which can travel in faeces’ which can transfer to the ground awaiting their next canine or human victim.


Its an unpleasant process cleaning mess from yourself your dog or your house and the more dog owners that take responsibility for cleaning up after their pet sends out a resounding message to the other dog owners to do the same, you know who you are.


An extremely unpleasant behavioural problem which some dogs exhibit is called Coprophagia where dogs can eat their own or other dogs faeces’ which can cause an extreme health risk to you and your pet. So cleaning up after your pet at home and when out and about will reduce the risk of this unpleasant act.


Dog faeces’ is an environmental pollutant and there is a cost to cleaning the streets of this unpleasant end result. So not only can it socially drive an area down to a point that people no longer want to live there it is a real hazard to health.

I do emphasize that it is a minority of dog owners that can not be bothered to clean up after their pets and responsible dog owners are also disgusted that they leave their own dogs mess for others to clean up.

Therefore always remember “To Poop and Scoop”……

By Chris Bracken.