Tenerife Is Everything I Have Ever Dreamed Of

Each week we talk to people who have moved to Tenerife and learn more about them. This week we spoke to Sarah

Sarahs Fitness Class

Hi Sarah, why did you move to Tenerife and what do you think; now you are here?

I have been waiting my whole life to move here, now I’m here I feel very blessed. It’s everything I have ever dreamed of and more.

What did you do in the UK?

I was a beauty therapist, then a few years before I moved to Tenerife I stared to work in a gym and got hooked so I wanted to take this further and completed my personal training qualification.

Could you briefly explain about your Fitness and Kettle Bell Classes?

This class if for everyone, from the very fit that wants to sculptor there body, to the people that want to lose weight and improve mobility. We have people from ages 24 -72 all with different aims and goals. I like to use weights because this makes your muscles and bones stronger, to tone and shape our bodies. I also like to try and make our classes fun so we are walking out feeling we have worked hard, made friends and feeling fabulous.

How can people contact you to join your Classes?

People are more than welcome to come down to The Waterfall and have a look first at our classes, I also have a facebook page ‘Golden Club’, or call me Sarah direct on (0034) 604168152.

What has been the best experience up to date of moving to Tenerife?

It’s really hard to say, I have had so many, adopting my two dogs Linda and Poppy, every day walking them looking at the views, walking around Masca, meeting Jenny and her family at The Waterfall, starting the Golden Club, café con leche, moving to the Golf, there is so many more.

Do you miss anything about the UK?

Only my friends, my sisters and my nieces, hope my nan is able to come out this year too.

Would you recommend moving to Tenerife?

Yes and no. I think it has to be the right time in your life and the right person to enjoy your life with here. It’s not for everyone.

What advice would you give someone moving to Tenerife?

If you’re not retiring get ready to work hard. As long as you don’t mind what you do, you will find your way.

What has been the most difficult experience in Tenerife?

I think I have been really lucky moving here, but think the most difficult thing I have had to deal with the most craziest boss I have ever known, a year or being screamed at.

Would you go back to the UK?

No lol

Thanks Sarah, we appreciate your time to do the interview. Sure our readers will love it.