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Guide to Golf Del SurGolf Del Sur

On the southern coast of Tenerife, Golf Del Sur is a well-positioned resort. It is in very close proximity to the Southern Airport, which is only 15 minutes away by car or taxi and is only 10-15 minutes away from the larger resorts like Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. So you can stay in a quieter resort and easily commute to the livelier resorts on the island.

As you leave the TF1 and make your way down to Golf Del Sur, you will see the lush golf courses to either side. With spectacular views ahead of the shimmering Atlantic Ocean, you start to get the feeling that you have picked a great resort. You will soon enter the one-way system that runs round the golf course in a circuit and joins back onto itself, so it’s not easy to get lost on the Golf. The one-way system has many off roads to explore, some lead to the different apartment/studio or villa complexes, which have their own restaurants and bars; most are open to the general public. There is also a Doctor’s with a Pharmacy an Aqua Spar along the route through Golf Del Sur. As you travel through Golf, there are many bars, hotels, apartments and restaurants along the main thoroughfare.

San Blas

In the centre of Golf Del Sur, there is the village of San Blas, with its two squares of restaurants, shops and bars. So whether you are going out for a meal or doing a bit of souvenir shopping, it can cater for all. There is a vast array of bars/restaurants that offer reasonable English Breakfasts/Meals throughout the Day/Evening and even include Indian Restaurants. On an evening, the top square provides nightly live entertainment, were you can sit in one of the many bars and take in the local atmosphere.

San Blas Church

As you drift further down from the two squares, there is a small but beautiful Anglican Church that has recently been renovated; it nestles between the shops/bars. There is also large local Perfumery, Pharmacia, Supermarket and even a nightclub.

To the east, there are rough and rugged pathways that overlook the pebble beach and the Sea Coast, which leads to the next village, Los Abrigos, which is a hidden gem. Los Abrigos is a quaint fishing village with great seafood in its many sea front restaurants; it also has a pretty and colourful fishing harbour. Within the town, there are local shops, including newsagents, clothes shops, cafes/bars and a few small supermarkets, including a main Supermarket to the East end of the Los Abrigos main road.

Los Abrigos

Los Abrigos has a lovely small evangelical church and in front of the Church there is an outdoor evening market, every Tuesday at 6pm. As you pass the Church, you can descend into the local fishing harbour, where the harbour restaurants offer daily locally caught fish dishes in abundance.

Coming back to Golf Del Sur, to the west side, where San Blas meets the sea you can find further coastal walk paths and hotels while taking in the sea front air and the coastal views. You will find restaurants that you can drop into for a relaxing drink or meal while watching the sailboats on the ocean waves.

San Miguel Marina

The coastal walk comes to the end of the Marina, which boasts a vast array of boats of all sizes. The Marina is bustling with a range of yachts, catamarans and sailing boats of all sizes including reproduction Galleon Ships to rowing boats that visit the Marina on a regular basis.

Since 1997, the Marina opened an underwater experience as the Submarine Safaris, so you don’t have to get wet to see the underwater wonders. The trip is about 50 minutes long, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the underwater adventure. Divers can also be seen feeding the fish and the sting rays.

Submarine safari

The Marina experience is well worth a visit where you can take in the sea air and watch the boat owners enjoy their boating passions and the submarine taking people down beneath the sea. There is a small Marina bar and a larger bar with a panoramic view where you can sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. You can have a very relaxing time watching the many boats sailing past as you sip your vodka martini, with the warm sea breeze filling the air.

Exit the Marina and continue West of the island, and you will be welcomed by Amarillo Golf Resort. At one point, it was a separate and older resort but now has become part of the Golf as they expand partly due to the Marina being built and encouraging growth in this area.

Amarilla Golf

If its golf you are looking for, you have come to the right place with its three courses of rich green lush grass with the contrast of black volcanic sand bunkers with views over the sea, Paradise!