Los Gigantes Travel Guide

A Guide to Los Gigantes


Playa de la ArenaThe Natural Beauty of Los Gigantes (The Giants) which refers to the cliffs which tower above this resort 1600 feet and range an impressive 6 miles to the west. Los Gigantes is joined by two other resorts, Puerto Santiago and Playa la Arena, all three give its tourists a relaxing and varied resort. You will first notice that unlike the other resorts, Los Gigantes does not consist of high raised hotels and so remains picturesque. With its unspoiled scenery and numerous shops restaurants and bars to keep you fed watered and entertained you will find this resort a very pleasurable resort to stay.


Los Gigantes is a peaceful resort although it does have its fair share of bars, restaurants and even a nightclub. Much of the live music can be found in the restaurants and hotels so when you are wandering through the narrow streets of this delightful town you’ll hear many styles of music including the local folk music called Tenderete.


If its shopping you’re looking for then Los Gigantes has plenty to chose from. There is a pedestrian zone near the church holding souvenir shops, fashion boutiques and a supermarket. There are many more shops in the surrounding streets which you can find as you explore the area.


Los Gigantes (2)The Hub of Los Gigantes has to be the marina fishing port with its bars and restaurants scattered around the Quayside. This is a great place to sit back and watch the world go by with the private yachts, fishing vessels, and boats taking people out to find and photograph dolphins and Wales. You can also book big game fishing or take diving lessons.


When it comes to beaches there are a couple of small ones on offer. The one in los Gigantes is behind the harbor bars and cafes. It’s only relatively small but is rarely crowded and suitable for children. The second beach is in the neighboring Playa de la Arena. It consists of the natural black volcanic sand which gradually slopes down to the sea which makes this beach ideal for families. This beach is much larger and holds the prestigious blue flag award; it also offers jet skiing, windsurfing and water skiing.


Los Gigantes is a picture postcard resort but unfortunately you pay for this with the frustrating parking facilities and the one-way traffic system, which could have you going round in circles. The hilly narrow streets could cause you difficulties if you have mobility issues but on the whole Los Gigantes is a winner in my book.