Santa Cruz Travel Guide

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A Guide to Santa Cruz

The capital of Tenerife is Santa Cruz located north east of the island below the stunning Anaga Mountains. The North Airport is the closest and only 10 minutes by car or taxi. Much further is the southern airport which is approximately 50 minutes away depending on the time you are travelling.

Santa Cruz is a city of culture with its museums, opera house and fantastic architecture from the 17th, 18th and 19th century all in easy walking distance. Although if walking is not for you then jump on to one of the city’s many trams. Tickets are available at one of the many tram ticket shops and all journeys are €125.00 regardless of distance, multi tickets do work out cheaper.

Lets also not forget that Santa Cruz is not only a freight and tanker terminal but also one of the major cruise liner ports not only for Tenerife but the whole canaries and is one of the deepest ports in the world. The cruise ships that visit Santa Cruz bring almost a million visitors annually to the island on their trips from all over the World.

Santa Cruz Port

Below are a few of the more popular places to visit while you are in or visiting the city. Each time I visit the city whether it’s for the fantastic carnivals which should defiantly not be missed, to visit cultural buildings, shopping or a beach trip, which is a great day out for all the family. You won’t be disappointed.

Museum of Man and Nature

If you like Museums then immerse your self in Canarian history, from the volcanic beginnings on the Canarian Archipelago up to modern day.

Military Museum

A fascinating look at the military past of Tenerife with artefacts including the cannon that caused the loss of Nelsons right arm as he staged the attack on Santa Cruz back in 1797.

Municipal Museum of Fine Arts

This collection of art and sculpture from Renaissance to Avant Garde, dates from the sixteenth century to the twentieth and is all housed in the fourteen rooms of the Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The museum dates back to 1840.

Galería Leyendecker

This gallery is based on the Las Ramblas and houses exhibits of contemporary photography including David LaChapelle and Jeremy Blake.

Sculpture Trail

As you wander down las Ramblas you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Barcelona on the avenue of the same name although this one is market one without the crowds, pickpockets and Parties of tourists. This is a beautiful tree lined walkway with outdoor gallery which comes from the 1974 sculpture exhibition. So whether you want to walk the length of the city to enjoy this free art exhibit or catch a guided tour it’s your choice, just enjoy.

The Guimerá Theatre

The Guimerá Theatre

This theatre has been classed as one of Spain’s most beautiful and now stages Opera performances, Plays, and musicals. The theatre opened its doors to the public in 1851 and has been the venue for world famous theatre and Opera productions from the companies who would stop on route to the Americas.


The Auditorium

The  Auditorium

When first arriving in Santa Cruz one of the first iconic buildings you would see is The Auditorium which in a ways resembles the Sydney Opera House with its sharp white lines and contemporary build.

The Auditorium which opened in 3003 is the home of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and welcomes artists from around the world.


César Manrique Maritime Park

Next to the Auditorium is the swimming pool complex designed by César Manrique. This is an oasis amid the concrete of the city, with its sun terraces, cafes, restaurants and bars sitting amongst the sub tropical gardens and fountains of this coastal city paradise.

Playa de Las Teresitas

Playa de Las Teresitas

This beach is famous over the whole island with its one and a half kilometres of golden white sand backed with palm trees and its man made reef, which stops the large waves eroding the beach. This reef in turn keeps the swimmers safe while they are snorkelling or floating on their Lillo’s in the sun.

There are not many city’s in the in the world that have such a welcoming feel and are of a size that enables you to walk rather than drive around its highlights. The nightlife in Santa Cruz will not disappoint with its vibrant atmosphere and funky sophisticated music wafting from the restaurants and jazz bars. If you are still in the mood for more as the evening draws to a close then hit the candle lit poolside at the Parque Marítimo César Manrique. Here you will find the Jam Beach Club and Dream Tenerife bar next door and If you are still on your feet when the bars close, then grab a coffee and croissant on your way home as its now morning.