The launch of Fighting Against Cancer Tenerife (F.A.C.T) The Cancer Support Group



F.A.C.T. was set up as a result of a status I put on Facebook just 3 months ago, after being Moira Dixondiagnosed with breast cancer in November 2014 (after a routine mammogram). I had surgery in January this year in Candelaria Hospital, Santa Cruz and the kindness and treatment I received was excellent and is still on going.

I did however feel a little isolated and felt living abroad with cancer was harder than it would have been if I had been back home in the UK. With this in mind I wondered if there were other people living on the island who felt the same as I did? Eventually I asked that very question on Facebook and the response I got was absolutely overwhelming, within a day of putting the question on Facebook there were over 100 “likes” and comments.


What was more overwhelming though, was the immense kindness and support I received from the people who have not just helped set up F.A.C.T. but have become F.A.C.T. with me. Their dedication and help is truly amazing and on a practical side, we had to have somewhere to meet. David from the Cozy Café, Torviscas, kindly allowed our group to meet up there, so on the first Monday of each month we all come together. We have now had 3 meetings in the Cozy Café (4th one coming up on 6 July) and have been planning our fundraising day since the second meeting. It was the owners, Kay and Bobby from the Palms Sport Bar that allowed us to hold our Fundraising event with them. We will always be grateful for their offer to hold our 1st Fundraiser on 20 June 2015.


This fundraiser turned out to be an amazing success and I have to say, It was all due to an immense team effort, I am so proud to say that F.A.C.T. has an amazing team and hopefully we will just grow and grow, due to all the wonderful people who got involved in many ways. The fundraiser held at The Bars Sport Bar in Torviscas raised an outstanding €4,500. Now the work can really begin and F.A.C.T. can now begin to help others living abroad with cancer.

We are immensely proud to say that we will be donating €500 to A.M.A.T.E. (Women’s Breast Cancer Association of Tenerife) who was also at the Fundraising event. This is our first F.A.C.T. donation and will start to help within our local community.

To conclude I would like to say. The Support we have had to set up F.A.C.T. has been truly amazing. Now the work really begins! Hopefully we will go from strength to strength, with such an amazing team, I could never ever have achieved this without these lovely people and on a personal note I will always be indebted to them.

By Moria Dixon