The X Factor comes to Tenerife with Live Auditions


The X Factor continues to look for that special something for their shows to encourage the volume of viewing numbers and to boost the shows in an upwardly direction. The latest spin for X Factor is to hold live auditions, here in Tenerife and Benidorm. So its time for you, the potential superstars to put down your sun tan cream and pick up a microphone, its time to shine Tenerife!

We have our first live Spanish Live Audition in

Benidorm at the Voices Venue, is tonight Saturday 7th 10am – 4pm

and the second audition is here in Tenerife at

St Eugen’s Bar, Avenida de Espana sn, 38660 Adeje, Tenerife on the 10th April 10am – 6pm

I think it may be time to dig out my microphone and make them suffer.

Both Tenerife and Benidorm are ideal candidates for the live auditions due to the large expat communities that are here and its reported that the next big star of the show will be uncovered in one of these destinations. The live auditions are open to solo vocalists and groups aged 14 and over.

It is reported that the axe could fall on two of the show judges, Sharon Osbourne and Louie Walsh after Nicole Scherzinger will no longer be in the show this Autumn, this is the latest shakeup in the 15 year run of the X Factor.