Traveling While Pregnant

Flying while Pregnant

There should be no problem traveling while pregnant as long as you take the following precautions.

Before you travel research the area that you are traveling to and find out what healthcare facilities you have at your disposal, it would also be a good idea to take your medical records in case of an emergency.

Check that you are fully covered with your medical insurance for all pregnancy related care including the cost of extending your stay and the expense of rearranging flights in case of a premature birth.

Is it safe to travel when Pregnant

Many women feel the risk of miscarriage is too high to travel abroad within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and there is also the discomfort of nausea to consider.

In the latter months it can also be a difficult period to travel while pregnant as prolonged traveling can be tiring and uncomfortable so the best solution could be to travel between four and six months if this is possible.

If there are no complications with your pregnancy and you are feeling fit and well, you should be able to travel safely, just make sure you take the correct precautions.

Tips for Flying while Pregnant

There should be no problems flying while pregnant but if you are feeling concerned speak with your Doctor or Midwife to put your mind at rest.

Some airlines have restrictions on heavily pregnant women flying so double check with them that these restrictions do not affect you. The airlines are within their rights to request a letter from you Doctor confirming  your due date and if there are no pending complications.

The longer the flights the higher the risk is of Deep Vain Thrombosis (DVT) therefore also be mindful and take extra precautions, try and exercise every 30 Minutes and use support stockings if needed to reduce swelling in the legs, move around more on the plane. Walk up and down to the toilets even if you do not what to go although during your pregnancy it seems to be another condition that you need to deal with especially when we advice that you drink plenty of  water on the flight, too. Most of all, stay in tune with your body and its limits and have a happy pregnancy.

Chris Bracken